Arise Enmi

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Zodiac… Natural, fine clarity. Stunned by the warm sound.


Arise EnmiWhen I heard the audio through the Zodiac for the first time, I was immediately stunned by the warmth of its sound and how it brought out the natural sound qualities. It was my first experience playing contemporary sound tracks and receiving that analog era sound. At home or work I am generally listening to driving beats or rough mixes. So I could even closely monitor the attack of the bass drum phrases with such clarity. It was even possible to clearly distinguish between the many individual guitar tracks. Because it brought out the richness of the instruments’ true sounds, it places an engineer in the same creative sound environment as that of the players. Moreover, I felt that my ears didn’t seem to tire after long periods of detailed mastering work, as the sound clarity was so excellent that there was no need to constantly boost the volume.

Marty Friedman – Assistant
Arise Enm

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