Matt Kelly tracked an amazing drum performance using the Edge & Verge Modeling Mics and emulations. Watch the full video and hear the sound of pure talent meeting modern day recording tools.

Matt Kelly is a musician with a growing discography and a busy schedule. He has just finished recording for Mercury Nominated producer and musician Maps. His brand new LP is due next year on Mute Records, a label that Kelly is no stranger to having worked with Polly Scattergood and On Dead Waves, artists who are also a part of the Mute roster. Matt Kelly is also playing in a his own band MadMadMad whose new record is expected early next year.

Front head of kick and room mic: Berlin 47 FT (Edge)
Snare drum: Berlin 184 (Edge)
Overheads and toms: Aalborg 4006 (Verge)
Knee mic: Freiburg 6 (Verge)
Recorded at: Sam & Rachel’s Studio London
Engineer: Sam Ayres
Production: Rachel Kenedy
Filming: Fred ‘LL’ McLaren
Drums: Matt Kelly