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Impresser small


Impresser was modeled after one of the most flexible, powerful and edgy compressors known to the audio world. Its signature sound is due to a unique analog design and a very special feature set. Impresser fits the best from classic vintage compression while adding a wider range of control options to the table. This vintage unit, now recreated by the powerful Antelope Audio FPGA engine, can handle it all. Impresser can add gentle and warm compression to your tracks or aggressively pump up any source audio.

The flexibility of Impresser is aided by the addition of its own harmonic distortion. This can be used for subtle, tube-quality distortion and even instead of a tape saturator. It works magic with or without the Impresser compressing the signal. Our own contribution to the effect comes as adjustable frequency settings for the High and Band Pass Sidechain Filters. This offers you even deeper control when shaping the frequency range where you need the Impresser doing its job. Like all Antelope Audio FPGA compressor models you can use the Impresser either on mono or with two channels stereo linked.

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PowerGate big


PowerGate is Antelope Audio’s very first noise gate tool. Requested by our trusted users, it’s now available with all our Thunderbolt & USB or HD interfaces for free. PowerGate allows you to track audio from sources with unwanted background or ground noise. It will keep you sound free of any artifacts such as bad resonances, bleeds from other sources or excessive sustain. PowerGate features a standard set of controls. Precise Threshold, Attack, Hold, Decay, Range and Gain knobs allow yo to adapt the unit to any kind of problematic sound.



Modeled after a legendary 1950s compressor, Tubechild670 gives you nothing less than the sound of the golden age of rock’n’roll. An expensive collectors item, the hardware original has been sought after and used by more studios and on more hit records that you can ever imagine. And now, thanks to our real-time FPGA modeling platform, this coveted tool is in your hands — for free.
Tubechild670 is a precise peak limiter that sounds thick and natural. It gives you control over the Input and Output Gain levels, the Threshold and the Time Constant. We owe its signature sounds to a very smart and simplistic circuitry design, short attack, and long release time. The Tubechild 670 is guaranteed to help vocals and leads shine in the mix, but also works its magic on drums and sounds spectacular when applied for “gluing” groups of instruments. It’s very subtle in terms of adding its own character to the overall sound, but you can’t mistake a Tubechild670-treated track as it just sounds so great!

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Grove Hill Liverpool

Grove Hill Liverpool融合了20世纪60年代美国与英国最好的压缩技术。 这个压缩器正是你喜欢的 – 丰富,广泛和厚实。 通过它弹木吉他,你不但会听到极其清晰的声音,还有更完整的声音和灵魂。 它 一个优秀的中档产品,将增加吉他、合成器和人声所需的平滑度。 当应用于低音时,您将获得高亢而温暖的声音,再用点力将添加一个边缘,而不会影响清晰度。



BA-6A is following the original simple, beautiful and effective design of a 1950s legendary limiting amplifier. It was originally created for TV and radio broadcasting purposes, but was quickly adopted by many recording engineers because it was easy to use and sounded so great. Even today the BA-6A not only holds up, but is still sought after and used in various pro studio facilities across the globe. Allowing three-stage amplification with a moderate drive, hard knee, fast attack and medium release, BA-6A has a balanced and vintage sound. It can help you tame the most aggressive and peaking instruments or the wildest mixes without losing any of the music’s punch.



An ’80s classic, the SMT-100A is among the easiest compressor effects to learn. Yet, this ease of use doesn’t come at the cost of neither effectiveness, nor sound! For over 30 years now, this unit has remained a top choice by the pros for its fast attack times and its ability to do a great job with vocals, drums, and bass. For its FPGA-driven replica, we worked hard to painstakingly preserve both the special sound of the SMT-100A and its simplistic design and control set. This way, you can focus on getting the sound you want quickly, without much of a learning curve.



If you need some good, punchy and classic-style compression the FET-A78 is definitely among your top choices. Its sound can be found on a huge number of your favorite pop and rock records, this one acts great when processing instruments individually. It’s incredibly flexible so don’t hesitate to treat drums, guitars or vocals with it. FET-A78 also doesn’t disappoint when added over a group of instruments, such as backing vox, overheads or crazy synth lines or sound design. You can use it in stereo mode or even apply it on overly dynamic bass lines so they finally behave themselves in the mix.



Modeled after another late 1950s legend, ALT-436C is an iconic single channel, variable-mu tube compressor with fixed attack controls. Being the third revision of a compressors series, which were heavily modded by sound engineers, ALT-436C features threshold and release time controls. Loved by producers in the Beatles era, this initially inexpensive and now legendary unit is extremely helpful for bass guitars (and not only), vocals, string instruments and even synths. Back in the day pop music wasn’t so cold and sterile, that unit is one of the reasons why. Explore it with Antelope Audio.

stay levin


Simple design and controls, epic looks, massive sound. Stay-Levin is a unit that shaped the sound of the US 1960s classics. Without a doubt carrying a character and color of its own, it recreates a valve compressor legend that will add a desired analog edge to your contemporary production. Its simple front panel set of controls, featuring only two knobs and two switches, can result in a surprisingly varying compression styles, which can enhance vocals, acoustic guitars and synth leads. Treat your bass and drums with it and they’ll grow bigger and meaner. Vintage compression at its finest, recreated in the FPGA domain for real-time FX perfection.



VCA160结合了经典的声音、完美的测量和易用性。 适用于“砖墙”和轻微使用,它已经被仔细地模式化,以便在强力压缩或轻微低比例压缩器中完好保存。 这种快速而坚固的VCA风格的压缩器非常适用于控制人声,低音吉他或单鼓。 当和激进的瞬态声音搭配使用时,如鼓音或贝斯音,VCA160的快速响应可以创建一个经典的穿孔或“重击”声音,这已成为其著名系列的特色。


Gyraf Gyratec X

Gyraf Gyratec X具有真正的管式立体声压缩器的声音。 广泛应用于速度,并采用早期限制器技术,来自Gyraf Audio的Vari-Mu现在在FPGA领域极其活跃。 平滑的高通滤波实现低音的强力压缩而不损毁声音。 适合与其他类型的压缩器以及Antelope不断进步的Vintage Effects处理器一起使用。 我们非常自豪可以成为第一个建模这件产品的生产团队。



X903是非常厉害的压缩器模型,这将恰当增加模拟触摸和冲孔所需的数量。 配备智能RMS检测,用X903处理您的声音将实现高音,但也会实现真实的模拟压缩和限制。 凭借X903的负比率功能,您可以创建一个动态反转拉回瞬时峰值,以实现独特的拖曳类型的特殊效果,使X903成为更为逼真的声音压缩器,能够进行完美的动态调节。



Tube176的硬件原装音色属于独特的可变放大因数双三重管,已经长期停产。 现在,这个强大的工作室作品作为强大的快速压缩器在FPGA领域得到重生,可以使用在人声,吉他独奏,贝斯低音,鼓,甚至完整混音。 Tube176可以使声音平滑,也可以将其完全压平,可以通过混音使鼓瞬态变得突出以及提升人声。

FET A76 1


基於FET(場效應電晶管)的壓縮在60年代發明以來一直是工作室的常備設備。這個Antelope FET-A76捕捉了經典FET壓縮器的所有細微差別,就像它的類比原型一樣,它的用處不只是控制動態和雕琢聲音,而且經過其電路之後任意東西都能够新增衝擊力和臨場感。
FET-A76適合於一系列用途,從歌聲到貝斯到總線壓縮,並且是Antelope Audio的FPGA EQ模型,包括最新發佈的BAE Audio 1073的伴侶。

AA compressor

Antelope FeedForward Compressor 在我們所有的介面都很有特色。它配備了所有必要的界限值、比率、攻擊和釋放旋鈕,以及允許膝部控制。探測器下拉菜單中提供了幾種峰值/ RMS檢測模式的選擇。這是一個小型機器,但它的工作完成得恰到好處,聽起來也很像一個真正的硬體壓縮。

Tape Machine Emulation

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