v 76


Based on a vintage German microphone preamp hailed as the “Rolls-Royce” of tube mic preamps. The technical and engineering standards the V76 was built to were exceedingly high at the time.

Gyratex 9

Gyraf Gyratec IX

We love the simple and massive analog powerful of all things Gyraf Audio and the dual tube microphone preamp G9 is not an exception. It’s simple and easy to control, but still extremely versatile and. This variable-gain input tube with a SRPP output stage features a comprehensible set of controls including input and output level siwtches allowing you to balance both the input and output signals. The preamp also features a high pass filter and a phase reverse switch. Easy to master and sounding massive G9 is the synonym for flawless analog amplification.

bae 1073

BAE 1073

Modeled after a ‘gold-standard’ British analog preamp known for its warmth and musicality. Its sonic signature is ubiquitous to the point of needing no further introduction, and it’s borderline impossible to make it sound bad.

rd 47


RD-47 is an authentic recreation of one of Abbey Road Studios’ most iconic valve line amps which defined the beautiful sound of the 1960s. It was used to amplify every single stage of the audio signal path, meaning mic pres, line outs, hardware sends and monitor outs were all treated with RD-47’s signature analog punch. If you love your pres carrying the aggressive touch of vintage analog gear RD-47 is going to be your new best friend.

ba 31


Modeled after a super rare and, of course, super sought after classic, BA-31 has managed to preserve the original sound of the Germanium transistors of its hardware inspiration. Packed to the top with real analog power, this mic preamp model will add an oldschool touch of your recordings while making the best of flexible and easy-to-use modern plugin design.