Reel To Reel

If we were to build a tape machine today,
it would be Reel To Reel.

In modern production, adding tape saturation has become like adding reverb – you need it everywhere because nobody likes the sterile perfection of digital sound. With all the love and knowledge Antelope Audio founder Igor Levin has gathered about tape machines since the 70s, he set our team on a mission not to revive the classics, but to build the ideal tape machine of today.
Reel To Reel combines the best tape formulas, the best tape heads and the finest electronics. The combinations between all those will create endless scenarios. You can experiment with bias settings, tape hiss amounts, switch between four types of tape and adjust wow & flutter amounts. Mastering these parameters will allow you to achieve the warmth and color you crave in the desired amounts. Reel To Reel is an FPGA-powered effect, meaning it functions with no latency. The Antelope Audio tape machine will finally allow producers and recording artists to monitor the effect of our FPGA tape machine in real time, and not only during post-production.

Type I

Lower saturation level and a higher THD, good frequency response.

Type II

Higher THD,
enhanced high frequency response.

Type III

Good dynamics,
enhanced low and mid range.

Type IV

Good dynamics,
lower THD level.