The last Eclipse384 units are now gone and with great pride we look back at another iconic Antelope Audio product, which from now on is only a part of our history.

Eclipse384 was a revolutionary device. A mastering-grade AD/DA converter, capable of handling up to 384 kHz sample rate. Also a master clock, it offered sync reference for up to four separate devices.

“The Eclipse very elegantly fills the bill as a world-class monitor controller, master clock, ADC, and DAC – with sharp metering and even cue functions. And it exhibits the highest-fidelity sound.” ~ Tape Op

Powered by our very own 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking jitter management technology, resulting in Trinity-quality sound, Eclipse384 found its home in top studio and production facilities all around the globe. Also usable as a monitor controller and coming with easy to use software control panel it was a powerful tool, which was built to last and we’re pretty convinced will be used for many years to come by its lucky owners.

“When I first looked over the specs and features of the Antelope Eclipse, two words came to mind. The first word was “Wow.” This unit has so much packed into a two rack-space box that it is shocking.” ~ Pro Sound

Eclipse384 is now a part of the Antelope Audio legacy products. It’ll remain in our hearts forever as, boy, it made music sound so good!