“We LOVE the Zen Tour. This is an interface that will elevate your recordings, and then grow with you as your needs expand. From the build quality to the sound quality, the Zen Tour has it all.”

That’s how Ask.Audio feel about one of our 2016 best-sellers – the portable audio interface Zen Tour. They’ve just published their annual audio interfaces chart and Zen Tour is among the Top 7 devices for the year. We’re leaving below the rest of their thoughts on our device.

“The Zen Tour sounds really huge for a device that is so compact. There’s a lot of headroom on both the built-in preamps and the guitar inputs. This allows you to make recordings with a satisfying amount of dynamic range. With the hardware controls, responsive touch screen, and clean I/O, the Zen Tour feels like the perfect marriage of warm analog and precise digital.” [full article]

This is not the first time Zen Tour gets some love from the media.
Read more here about the awesome feedback this portable gem is getting.

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