(drums rolling)………


Danijel Condric, from Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Congratulations! Your 713 likes have won you a brand new ZEN TOUR!

This is the wining video

He sent us a very sincere and touching story about his first Antelope Audio encounter.

“Well, everything started with my search for the ultra high professional converter… And I was craving for thunderbolt connection… Meanwhile, I was reading a book from a mixing engineer Eric Sarafin, also known as a Mixerman, and he was so thrilled with Antelope’s Orion 32, so I decided to explore Antelope Orion 32… I have read so much good things about Orion 32 and its converters, so I was thinking: << I am going to buy the unit even if it’s not a thunderbolt >>. But then, things became amazingly better… few days after, Orion Studio came out, with a bunch of connection possibilities and it was a Thunderbolt™ audio interface… and I was like << This is a sign from Heaven >> 🙂

When the unit came to me I could not believe it… I was stunned… No one else on the market sells an audio interface with 12 pres in 1U rack space… and all those connections… I mean wow! That guy Igor deserves some kind of reward, he’s my new hero… And then things got even better… I tried the FX … and I could almost cry… literally, it was so freaking unbelievable… I will never turn on my amp again. Hahahaha!

Then, my first drum recording session came… I had a software problem that I couldn’t solve, so I decided to ask help from the Antelope support team on the Antelope web site… Tech guy solved my problem in fifteen minutes… Couldn’t believe it… Every day there is something new to learn and discover… It’s amazing piece of equipment 🙂 ”

And now, Mr. Condric, we are waiting for more wonderful guitar sounds from you since we plan to release 4 more new guitar FX for the Zen Tour. Enjoy the digital clarity and the analog warmth.

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