Yoshihiko Ando

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What a great treat for my ears ! What a truly natural sound!


Yoshiniko AndoI am astonished by the progress the Master Clock has made over the last 15 years. It is so advanced in the feeling it gives of depth while having such “guts.” Just like an analog tape without any hiss noise or DSD – it seduced me into falling for such illusions.

Moreover, from this single clock you can connect to Protools in the TD master playback kit, the 44.1 KHz wired AD converter and even with the EXT.WORDSYNC terminal of the device called SonicStudioHD which has different frequency samplings ……Absolutely amazing!

My digital gear is dominated by TRINITY! When I thought about it afterwards, I realized that the history of my master clock purchases started with Aarvark’s AardSync, followed by Apogee’s BIG BEN and finally Antelope Audio’s TRINITY and the guy who designed each of these was Igor Levin!

President of Aobadai Studio Mastering Engineer K.K.
President of Apricot Sound K.K.

  • Personal History (Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer)

From 1985, commenced recording engineer career with Hitokuchi-zaka Studios, working with many of the country’s most notable artists and bands: 「チェッカーズ、工藤静香、尾崎亜美、長澤義塾、 The Shamrock、HOUND DOG、Wink、横山知枝、織田裕二、国武万里、五木ひろし」バンド物から大編成物まで様々なジャンルを経験。

Wishing to develop his skills to a true professional level, he dedicated himself to gaining the experience needed to produce high quality recordings for high quality artists. Since 1993, he worked to develop a deep understanding of the mastering process. Worked as a freelance engineer until 2003, opening the mastering studio at Aodadai Studios.

  • Mastering Work (A-List Artists/Bands, Soundtracks)

北 島三郎、米良美一、マイケル・ナイマン、GO! THE SKIP、ヲノサトル、外間隆、FREENOTE JELLY→、クリスタルキング、水木一郎、影山ヒロノブ、LOUDNESS、infix、妖精帝國、 平野 綾、茅原実里、後藤邑子、栗林みな実、新谷良子、CooRie、yozuca*、井上あずみ、さくら学院、G.Addict、中原麻衣、清水 愛、Ceui、アツミサオリ、伊藤かな恵、ULTRA-PRISM、ヒャダイン、etc.、、、

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