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Koji Kamibayashi

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It’s just like listening to a live performance at a concert hall.


Koji KamibayashiMy current audio environment, is a Meridian CD player, and a Macintosh Tubular Amplifier. For the stone amplifier, a Luxman amplifier is used. The speaker is a Yamaha. In the car, I enjoy music with a Harman/Kardon amplifier, and an Infinity speaker. I enjoy the finest most subtle ponts of the sound. I connected the Zodiac directly to a tubular amplifier. I was stunned by the sound as it had absolutely no peculiarities. I have never had this experience before. It’s just like listening to a live performance at a concert hall.

The more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that this DA converter was bringing me the audio source ! Usually I listen to classical music, however on this occasion, I tried the great female jazz vocalist Diana Krall. The vocals were so very warm – both depth and clarity. Even the cymbals stood out ! The Zodiac is such an amazing piece of equipment, that listening with it bring out a natural sound experience and is a vital factor for a real high-end equipment.

Koji Kamibayashi

Born, Sapporo JAPAN

Founder, CEO, President – TV Tokyo Broadband Inc. 2001 ~

Advisor – Breakpoint Co. Ltd (Management Consulting Industry) 2009 ~

Audiophile, Musician

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