Kenji Kawai

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Eclipse 384… meets the expectations even for someone like me creating music in many styles.


Kenji KawaiWhen I TD in my own studio, I record onto Protools from a SSL outlet, through an AD converter. Previously I had been using a DCS902. When the DCS902 broke down, a friend strongly advised I make the move to installing the Eclipse. It was with a sense of adventure, changing from the familiar – from a DCS which I had used for so long – to the unfamiliar … but it was a great choice!

The resulting sound it produces is just what I have been searching for, as the overall texture now has so much clarity as well as a magnified depth. There seems to be a belief that some types of music either benefit or don’t benefit from a converter eg. rock vs orchestral. But for the Eclipse, this in not the case. It definitely meets the expectations even for someone like me creating music in many styles. I recommend this equipment for all genres!

Kenji Kawai

Mobile Police Patlabor, Red spectacles, Kerberos, Ranma1/2, Maison Ikkoku, Devil Man, Vampire Miyu, Ankoku Shinn-wa, Gosennzo-Sama Ban Ban Zai, Twilight Q, Hime Chan no Ribbon, Ghost in the Shell, Aka-chan to Boku, Ring, Ring2, Collector Yui, Taiho Shichau- zo the Movie, Chaos, Sakuya Youkai Den, AVALON, The Princess Blade, Dark Water, BLOODY MALLORY, RAVE, INNOCENCE, Gun Parade March, En-ban Koujyo Walkure, MAKOTO, Ultraman Nexus,Yogen, Fujin Monogatari, Mezame no Hakobune, Starship Operators, Shin-Kaoukenn no Onna, Antaractic Journal, Seven Swords, Rinne, Running Wild, Fate/stay night, Higurashi no Nakukoroni, Tachiguishi Retsuden, Dragon Tiger Gate, Battle of Wits, Seirei no Moribito, DEATH NOTE, DEATH NOTE~the Last name, L change the WorLd, Kaidan, Mobile suits Gundam00 etc…

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