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Hideyuki “Daichi” Suzuki

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Currently, Antelope Audio’s products are essential for StudioCubic


The first Antelope Audio product that I worked with was the OCX. Before that I was not concerned about clocks in particular, but after the introduction of the OCX, my set-up became easier to operate due to the fine detail, the width and surprisingly clear stereo image.

When upgrading my private studio, StudioCubic, I was considering the replacement of the audio converters. At that time, Orion32 was launched and I acquired it mainly for music production as the interface for my main set-up. The Orion32 can be connected via MADI and USB, achieving simultaneous output of 32 channels in 1U of rack space. Additionally, using the software control panel, one can easily route any input to any output, thus working freely with a variety of easily interchangeable outboard hardware effects and sound sources. In regards to the AD/DA of Orion32, I am completely satisfied with the image of Antelope Audio’s clock as well as with the depth of the sound and clear stereo image.

Besides StudioCubic, I have another ProTools setup, where recording and mixing can be done, as with the main studio.

Hideyuki Daichi Suzuki“There, I am utilizing a Pure2 as a master clock + AD/DA. I was surprised with the extremely favorable price-performance ratio of the Pure2. It’s not just a master clock, but also a high quality AD/DA, suitable for mastering.”

Currently, Antelope Audio’s products are essential for StudioCubic and without them we just cannot function.

In addition to being an extremely experienced sound producer, arranger and songwriter for bands or Japanese stars, Hideyuki “Daichi” Suzuki also dedicated to discovering and developing new talent. Everyday, under his label,“Studio Cubic Records”, Daichi explores new forms of musical expression and further sales opportunities.

Production, Arrangement:

miwa, YUI, Ayaka, Leo Ieiri, Ikimonogakari, LiSa, Morning Musume Aka to Uso, SMAP, Ken Hirai, Daisuke, Tomohisa Yamashita, FTISLAND, etc.

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