Alan Meyerson

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It was an instantaneous improvement.


Alan Meyerson

I’m very familiar with what clocking does to the audio; that was one of the reasons I switched to Antelope initially. In the system I had, as soon as I put the original Antelope in, it made a tremendous difference. The imaging became much more solid. It was an instantaneous improvement.When people ask me about converters and sample rates and all that stuff, I tell them, honestly, the thing that I find that makes the biggest difference is the clocking. I can run at 44.1 with a basic converter and if I have everything clocked absolutely perfectly it’s going to sound better than a poorly clocked 96k super-high-end, super-expensive converter. And I’ve proven that time and time again.

Alan Meyerson is a music scoring mixer, recordist and producer, starting his career in the early 1980s. He is currently based at renowned film and video game score composer Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions studio complex in Santa Monica, CA. Alan has more than 100 film score mixing credits to his name, including the Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers trilogies and the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, which opens this summer

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