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“Not Connecting”. Here are a couple of options

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  • Check the Comm. Interface of the device
  • Check if there are red messages on the bottom of the control panel. If not = servers are not connecting
  • Exceeded USB bandwidth → Check USB connected devices → ours take up to 90% of the chipsets bandiwdth
  • Mac 2011 – They have problems with the Thunderbolt firmware of the TB bus of the Computer. We advise you to update Computers Thunderbolt Bus Firmware
    OSX 10.8.5 not supported
    Reinstall driver → reset audio settings → Restart → if this does not work consult with someone for driver force Load/Unload Driver signature SHAE
  • Under Windows 7 some times the driver will not install due to lack of digital signature. We advise you to install Service Pack 1 and the latest security update from this link

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