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Unit is not recognized on 2011 MAC over Thunderbolt™

By 28 9 月, 2016 No Comments

2011 MAC machines use first generation Thunderbolt ports. From time to time these might reject connection with our (and not only) devices.

If you experience this issue, please try the following steps:

  1. Remove the driver
  2. Disconnect the Thunderbolt cable from the computer
  3. Power off the computer
  4. Start the computer and plug the Thunderbolt cable in
  5. Re-install the driver
  6. After installing the driver, don’t disconnect the unit and don’t restart the computer
  7. Check if the device is present in audio midi settings and control panel

This workaround has solved the issue for some of our users, if you’re still having troubles getting your 2011 MAC machine to operate with our device(s) get in touch with our Tech Support crew.

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