— Antelope Will Demonstrate Unique Recording Set Up Featuring 100+ Channels in a Portable Integrated Solution for Filmmakers, Festival and Orchestral Recordists —


Anaheim, Calif., January 18, 2016 — Antelope Audio [Hall A – Booth 6596] builds on its conversion and clocking legacy at NAMM 2016, bringing two new products – an HD master clock and a prototype of a Thunderbolt™ compatible audio interface. The company will also introduce a new remote control concept for both studio and live performance rigs, as well as a brand new set of DSP effects that will be unveiled in a soon to be announced partnership.

The Antelope booth at NAMM will feature a demonstration of several Orion32+ units playing over 100 simultaneous tracks of audio. Such a demonstration is unprecedented in a relatively compact amount of rackspace, which is portable, affordable and sample accurate — thanks to Antelope Audio’s integrated clocking technology. The spectacular multi-channel orchestra mix is prepared and will be presented by the multiple GRAMMY Award-winning recording and mixing engineer Brian Vibberts.

Spotlight on Guitarists

With more options for tonal shaping than at any other time in history, guitarists face a daunting challenge to retain the essence of their guitar sounds — which can easily become diminished or diluted by using inferior clocking and conversion technology. During NAMM 2016, the Antelope booth will host touring and recording musician Michael ‘Fish’ Herring, who has toured with Christina Aguilera and appeared on superstar recordings by Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and many others. Herring will demonstrate Antelope’s powerful DSP modeling and re-amping capabilities, running directly through Antelope’s Orion Studio Thunderbolt™ interface.Ad hoc performances by Herring will be followed by informal Q&A sessions with Antelope’s U.S. Director of Sales, Marcel James, who will discuss the company’s new guitar-centered offerings as well as the importance of maintaining high integrity conversion and clocking in the signal chain. James will introduce Antelope’s new app controls for guitarists, which allow real-time control of DSP and guitar tones — for both recording studio and live applications.

NAMM 2016 Product Bundles from Antelope

As part its NAMM 2016 product exhibition and focus on the Orion family, Antelope will offer three new product bundles — each delivering price competitiveness, high channel counts, routing flexibility and premium audio quality. These bundles are being made available in three separate configurations as follows:

– MP8d & Orion Studio: $4,495 US

– MP8d & Orion32+: $4,995 US

– MP32 & Orion32+: $5,295 US
For further information on Antelope preamplifiers and interfaces, please visit Antelope Audio pro audio product page . For bundle availability or to place an order, please contact an authorized Antelope dealer.

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