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Dealing with latency & executing a software update

By 30 5 月, 2015 No Comments
  1. Uninstall driver and control panel, afterwords clear your registries (you can do so either with a dedicated application such as Ccleaner or manually from reg edit)
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Install the Control Panel
  4. Install the driver
  5. Navigate to the help tab inside the control panel and proceed with firmware update (connection over USB is preferable for this); also please disconnect all devices from the Orion
  6. Remove the tick from Newer Versions Only and choose the highest version from the drop down menu
  7. Proceed with firmware update. Follow the instructions on the updater window. Once the installation process is done, proceed with factory reset of the unit from the internal menu
  8. Perform a factory reset on the unit
  9. Check your ASIO buffer size and USB streaming mode settings and set them appropriately for your session (in the Zen Control Panel)
  10. Open your DAW and check the RTL

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