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Missing ASIO buffer size

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  • Start your DAW and set it to the highest sample rate 192kHz.
  • Uninstall the driver while the DAW is working and your unit is locked to it.
  • Install the driver while the unit is locked to the DAW.

If this does not work do the following:

  1. Make sure your copy of Window 7 is up to date using “Windows Update” and that your DAW software is fully up to date. Do not proceed till the computer is fully updated.
  2. Uninstall the Zen Usb Drivers and the Zen Control Panel.
  3. Click the “Windows Icon” on the taskbar and in the search box, search for “Antelope”. Delete EVERY file and folder associated with “Antelope Audio” including the “.Antelope”
  4. Repeat step 3 but search for “Zen Studio”. Again delete every file and folder associated with “Zen Studio” – make sure to empty the recycle bin at this point.
  5. Click “Window Icon” on task bar and type “regedit”. The registry editor window should open. Click “EDIT” then click “FIND” type in “Antelope” and hit ENTER. When a file shows up with Antelope Audio right click on it and select “DELETE”, delete every file in the right side window that you are allowed to, then hit F3 – to find the next file, repeat this process until Window’s displays “Finished Searching Through Registry” then close Registry Editor.
  6. Open an internet browser do a search for CCLEANER – Download an install CCLEANER (it is FREE). Open CCLEANER and click the REGISTRY tab on the left, then click scan for issues.
  7. After the scan is complete click the checkbox at the top to DESELECT everything. Scroll down through the list and put a checkbox anywhere you see ANTELOPE or ZEN, Click “FIX SELECTED ISSUES” and allow it to create a backup.
  8. Restart your computer
  9. Go to and download the latest installation files for the Zen – make sure your ZEN is connected and proceed to install the files, installing the USB driver first, and the Zen Studio Laucher 2nd.

This should get you back up and running as well as restore your ASIO menu to the Launcher OPTIONS menu.

Note: Have in mind that the routing presets get saved in the .antelope folders!

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