— Antelope Audio brings DSD256 DA conversion and its award-winning atomic clocking technologies to discerning audiophiles for the first time. —


Bristol, February 17, 2014 — Visitors to the Bristol Sound & Vision Show can experience mastering-quality sound from a suite of products designed to work in the comfort of their own home. For the first time in the UK, the Zodiac Platinum suite will be on demonstration, comprising the Zodiac Platinum DSD256 upsampling DAC, Volitkus PSU and the Audiophile 10M atomic clock (a.k.a. Baby 10M).

Antelope Audio pioneered the adoption of Atomic clock generators in Audio Master Clocks that dramatically improves timing and jitter management in audio systems. Producers and engineers behind some of the world’s premiere music artists use Antelope’s DA and clocking technologies, both in the studio and on tour. The Platinum series distils and refines these technologies for the domestic environment, allowing music lovers to get closer to the sound that the producer intended than ever before.

Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC, bringing unique DSD upsampling technology

The new Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC/headphone amplifier has just been introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The DAC features a 256X DSD upsampling mode, which helps realize the true potential of DSD – delivering new standards in accuracy, transparency, imaging, and dynamics. In addition, it features a custom-built USB chip capable of carrying DSD128 and 24-bit, 384 kHz PCM files and a wide range of connectivity options, including the one of a kind in home audio, 10 MHz input for the renowned 10M Atomic Clock.

The 10M Atomic clock technology
The new Baby 10M is a Rubidium Atomic Reference Generator and the perfect companion to the Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC. By syncing with the 10M’s atomic reference signal, with its accuracy of 0.03ppb, the full potential of the Zodiac Platinum DAC is revealed. Primarily through the reduction of jitter in the digital stream, the Platinum / 10M combination is the ultimate tool for achieving an analogue sound from digital sources. The Baby 10M is based on Antelope’s award-winning Isochrone 10M pro-audio clock, widely regarded in the recording industry as ‘the best sounding clock’ yet produced. Antelope Audio’s professional AD/DA interfaces and clock technologies are endorsed by leading producers and engineers worldwide: www.antelopeaudio.com/artists

Amphion loudspeakers join Antelope Audio @ Bristol
Amphion loudspeakers are designed to be in harmony both with the most demanding aesthetics and room acoustics. Their performance is maximized for normal living rooms and “real- world speaker placements.” As they are designed to work close to the walls, desktops, shelves or other boundaries, the listener can get the optimum performance. Thanks to their excellent dispersion characteristics, Amphion loudspeakers perform magnificently in challenging spaces, such as rooms with large windows and other hard, acoustically unfriendly surfaces. Amphion loudspeakers will be used exclusively in the Antelope Audio demonstration room at Bristol Sound & Vision, Room 328

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