Paris, France, June 22, 2013 – The mythical Parisian Châtelet  theater welcomed on stage one of the younger generation’s most acclaimed French comic artists, Gaspard Proust. The show, was shot in HD by director François Hanss, famous for his work with France’s biggest stars of music, such as Mylène Farmer and Johnny Hallyday. In order to meet the director’s high standards, the recording engineer Benoit Hénaff and his assistant Cosi Mero followed the advice of recording mixing engineer, Fabrice Chantôme and chose to use Antelope Audio’s Trinity as the master clock for all digital gear.

The main goal was to capture, in the most accurate way, the acoustics and sense of volume in one of the largest Parisian theaters.

It was decided to digitize the sound as close as possible to the 20 ambiance microphones using three remote-controlled Focusrite Rednet 4 preamps connected through a Dante digital network to Sound Devices and JoeCo recorders, plus a Yamaha O2R 96 console, used to build a live temporary mix necessary for picture editing. In such an all-digital setup, the quality of the sync is essential as typically an Antelope external clock surpasses any console’s internal clock.

Trinity’s word clock outputs were directly connected to the two recorders and to the mixing board responsible for sending a clean jitter-free sync signal to the Focusrite Rednet 4 through the Dante card.
Simple stereo headphone monitoring already gave a glimpse of how the final DVD / Blu-ray 5.1 mix would sound. Transparency and a very natural sound image of the theater’s superb acoustics were obvious.

The Châtelet theater sound team was very impressed and asked to test the Trinity / 10 M combo with their Digico SD7 live console at the beginning of September, during the rehearsals of imminent big musicals involving full orchestra and live singers.
Gaspard Proust’s DVD / Blu-ray final mix will be done in July with the Antelope Audio 10M atomic clock and the Eclipse 384 as monitoring converter for the stereo downmix.

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