Our Orion³² is nominated for PAR Excellence Award 2013!


Here is what PAR Technical Editor Lynn Fuston says about it: “There’s a lot to love about this box. It features a full 32-channels of not just A-D but also D-A converters, with sampling frequencies (Fs) up to 192 kHz, in a single rack space unit that is only 9-inches deep. Plus it draws a max of 20 W of power (less than an average light-bulb). Then there’s the price: $2,995— a tremendous value per channel.”

Sound on sound describes the Orion³², saying “…..there is nothing else available that even gets close to this amount of I/O, in a box this small, at this quality level, and this kind of price.”

Check out the world’s first 32-channel USB audio interface and master clock in only 1U box Orion³² AD/DA Converter and vote for us at PAR Excellence Award and Sound on Sound Awards  web pages.

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