The Real Sound in Real Time: Clocking and Conversion Leader Redefines Digital Guitar Processing Presenting Vintage and Contemporary Guitar Amp and Cab Simulations


Santa Monica, Calif., March 10, 2016 — Clocking and conversion expert Antelope Audioannounced the launch of new hardware-quality guitar amp simulations for its Orion Studio interface. In cooperation with Italian company Overloud Audio Tools, Antelope has made Orion Studio the preferred interface for professional guitarists seeking authentic, integrated vintage and contemporary guitar amp and cab simulations.

The hardware-based effects bring precision and audio realism to a completely new level, enabling artists to experiment with multiple cabinet and amp configurations, mic placement and EQ settings. The new addition to the Orion Studio will help guitarists capture the true sound of legendary amplifiers thanks to a unique sampling technique for vintage gear modeling. In addition to this, Orion Studio features an array of hardware-quality audio effects, including a faithful emulation of a legendary equalizer and the extremely versatile AuraVerb reverb. Antelope will be adding more Vintage FX and even more guitar FX soon, using the same realistic modeling architecture.

The implications for guitarists performing in live and recording situations are significant. The flexibility of digital signal processing is attracting more and more guitarists on their search for the ‘perfect tone’ – both in studio and live settings. But inferior interfaces are often an obstacle to the desired perfection. The extremely low latency of Antelope’s guitar amp simulations produces the feel of a real hardware amp.

Guitarist Michael “Fish” Herring who toured with Christina Aguilera and appeared on superstar recordings by Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and many others, commented on the new effects for Orion Studio: “Antelope included some guitar modeling. I was shocked, because they react more like an amp than any plug in would. You can control with just the turn of the volume knob, just like an amp would. It reacts right away, there is zero latency. It is a beautiful thing.”

Orion Studio features an exciting new approach to control, allowing convenient device management from various access points. The interface is fully controllable via user-friendly desktop and mobile applications. Now, users can manage all functions of the device simultaneiously from more than one computer. An intuitive mobile app delivers even greater freedom for guitarists by granting full mic pres control from a smartphone or tablet.
The new software updates to the Orion Studio are available for free for both existing clients and new Antelope fans.

The Orion Studio is currently shipping and carries a price of $2,795/€2,750

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